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I'm John, I've been a member of this club since early 1992.  I'm a Dive Leader with around 500 dives and have recently taken on the role of expedition officer. I've dived in many places around the UK and across the world and my most memorable dive was my first dive in the Galapagos where I saw a large group of Hammer Heads, a Whale Shark and a Sunfish.  

Steve is our Dive Officer, he joined the club in 2003 as a trainee and progressed to become a
BSAC Open Water Instructor and Advanced Diver. Previously held Chairperson,
Treasurer, Membership Secretary and Equipment Officer posts.

Nicki is our Treasurer. She joined us in2010 and is now a Sports Diver.

 Hi, I am Mark, I  started doing try  dives while on  holiday, in 2007 I  passed my  open  water certificate  and joined NWK  BSAC in 2010. I am  currently training to  be become a Dive leader, I enjoy diving in the UK and abroad. My favourite dive location to date is Mauritius where I passed my open water certificate.

I’m Andrew and very new to Scuba diving, having joined the club in late 2014 with no real previous experience. I am usually to be found at the other end of a fishing line, but decided having spent over 40 years trying to catch marine critters, that I'd actually like to get down and dirty, and spend some time in my quarries environment, if for nothing else, to improve my angling :-)